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Malodour can seriously affect your business!

Odours and infections are caused by bacteria, viruses, mould and fungus in the air and on surfaces. When a toilet flushes it releases harmful bacteria into the air and onto nearby surfaces. In just 8 hours one bacteria can multiply and become 8 million. Cleaning, disinfecting or using fragrance systems only cover up odour they cannot remove the problem.

Benefits of installing Air Steril in your Washrooms

• Removes embarrassing odours by treating the root cause
• Eliminates bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces
• Destroys mould and fungi
• Sanitises all exposed washroom surfaces 24/7
• Reduces chemical usage
• Eliminates need for masking agents
• Provides fresh clean air
• Improves overall environment for staff, visitors, residents and customers
• Enhances your public image
• Compliant with regulations
• Reduces absenteeism

Walking into a washroom and breathing in fresh clean air ……perfect…..it has to be Air Steril.

Our range of Air Steril units are guaranteed to kill bacteria and remove offensive odours 24/7.

Are you aware!? 

An unhygienic washroom is the primary source for a variety of bacteria and infections including: Salmonella, E Coli, Common Colds & Influenza, Rhinovirus, and Hepatitis A.

Poor ventilation and poor personal hygiene can and will spread bacteria out of the washroom and throughout your premises and can lead to some serious consequences such as increased sickness and absenteeism.

Washrooms accumulate high levels of invisible Bacteria and Viruses which spread infections, our Air Steril technology cleans the air on all surfaces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year eliminating health risks.

Air Steril technology uses 5 techniques proven to kill up to 98.11%* of bacteria and viruses found in the air and on exposed washroom surfaces.

For more information regarding our Air Steril units click here.

We can eliminate your malodour problems by ensuring you have the correct AirSteril unit suitable for your environment, from Washrooms, Healthcare, Nurseries, to Waste processing and Animals through to Education to Hotel and Leisure environments we can offer the right AirSteril solution.

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