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High standards of cleanliness, odour elimination and infection control are essential for the wellbeing of all people across all business sectors and organisations especially; Hospitals, Care/Nursing Homes, Doctors/Dentists, Clinics, Call Centre’s, Office Blocks to Schools, Colleges, Universities, Police, Ambulance and the Fire Service to name but a few.

The rapid spread of bacteria and viruses are a constant concern to all companies and organisations, with our range of Air Steril units designed to kill bacteria and provide clean air you could reap the benefits within one week.

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Benefits include:

  • Airsteril units treat the root cause
  • Dramatically reduce staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Improve infection control for residents, patients, staff and visitors
  • Removes all odours 
  • Clean air especially for residents with respiratory problems
  • Destroys mould & fungi
  • Sanitises all exposed surfaces 24/7
  • Heavily contaminated areas can be re-commissioned within 10 minutes of treatment.
  • Removes the need for Air fragrances or masking agents
  • Extends the life of soft furnishings
  • Improve first impressions for new clients and families
  • Comply with regulations & CQC requirements

Airsteril Units: 

AS Range: Specifically designed for small spaces such as bedrooms with continuous occupation - its silent thermal convection operation is a favourite with patients, residents and staff.
AS10 Airsteril Units
MF Range: Designed to control odours in medium to large sized enclosed spaces. It is ideal for reception areas, corridors, dining rooms and resident's lounges. Units are installed to fit area (20m2 to 100m2) plus the level of contamination. Units operate 24/7.

MF Range

MP100 Range: Specifically designed as a decontamination unit for use in larger areas, Medical/Clinical areas, Flood and fire damage, Mould elimination, Tobacco smoke, Vehicle decontamination. No damp or wet surface or chemical residue like fogging, area can be used with minutes.


WT Range: uses the latest thermal convection UV technology to control high levels of odours in smaller enclosed spaces such as sluice rooms, washrooms and any rooms where there is non-continuous occupation. The units are hard wired to an existing power source such as a lighting circuit spur to operate 24/7.

WT Range

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