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At Principal we have a range of baby care services including; nappy bag disposal, baby changing tables, odour control solutions and more. With these services we can guarantee you a safe, secure and hygienic environment to change baby.

Baby Changing Tables

The Harmony Horizontal baby changer is designed to be compliant with global and UK safety standards whilst being stylish at the same time. Its light grey smooth finish ensures that it will easily blend into any washroom or mother and baby room with ease. In addition our Harmony baby changing station features an antimicrobial protection that inhibits growth of odour and straining caused by bacteria.

Nursery Waste Disposal

Our nappy waste disposal service collects and disposes of nappy waste, swabs, gloves, aprons and more. We ensure that you stay legally compliant and provide an expert professional service. All waste will be managed, collected and disposed of in line with current legislation, the products and services on offer are safe, secure and compliant.


Odour control is an important aspect of your washroom or mother and baby room, after all who would want to change their baby in a foul smelling room? However it is not as simple as installing an air freshener and calling it a day. The droplets from the air freshener can potentially be harmful to babies causing a number of health issues. Enter the Airsteril, this unit strips the air of bacteria and on any surfaces in addition to destroying mould and fungi. The Airsteril reduces chemical usage whilst simultaneously eliminating the need for masking agents that could be harmful to babies in the room.

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Is your washroom or baby changing room hygienic and safe to use? Do you know how safe your baby changing station is? Not sure? Then talk to Principal hygiene we can help you with advice and support ensuring you have the right services in place that delivers value for money, is compliant and meets your baby care needs.

Not sure about the type of baby care equipment you should be using? Contact us, we are on hand to provide advice and support.

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