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Principal Hygiene has been supplying and delivering Washroom Services, Clinical Waste Services, Dust Control Mats, Hand Dryers, Trade Waste and Recycling Waste Services including Disposables, Janitorial & Hardware Supplies across the UK for the past 20 years.

We have the experience, the team, the services, the product range, the knowledge, the technology, the professionalism and the passion so you can feel confident we can deliver. We excel in the delivery and servicing of end to end waste facilities & supplies, whatever the service requirement from clinical waste or pest control to compliance we have you covered.

Like most companies we benchmark our service delivery based on similar industries, the primary reasons are:

  • to avoid our business becoming inward looking,
  • to gage how we are actually performing
  • to reflect on emerging legislation, methodologies and product development
  • to embrace new service possibilities

For all the benchmarking we do the best indicator we have as to service provision remains the high level of customer retention we work hard to sustain.

Our Service: We are always seeking new ways to enhance our services and run planning by streamlining process, flattening structures and most importantly by listening to you our customer, your point of view, and what works best for you is vital to ensuring we retain and manage your account. Interestedly we have discovered that sometimes it’s the simplest of things that make the greatest impact.

Our Products: Technology is playing a greater role in our services, products and transportation to this end we have invested heavily in joined up systems this means in real time we are able to see when a customer was last serviced and by whom, at what time and who signed for service, to where our fleet is at a given time. As a company our aim is to keep ahead of our competitors by embedding technology within the heart of our operation this means we are and will be able to embrace and change quickly to meet our changing corporate, social & environmental responsibilities.

Service Diversity: Today our business offers an ever expanding range of services and supplies from Washroom Services, Dust Control & Logo Mats, Water Saving Devices, Clinical and Healthcare Waste, Infection Control Products, Legionella Risk Assessments and Testing, Shredding, Commercial and Recycling Waste, Pest Control, First Responder products and services to Safety Compliance Testing, including thousands of Janitorial and Disposable paper supplies.

As a customer focused business we will continue to source new products and services that support legislation meet compliance requirements are essential and just as important are cost effective to the benefit of the businesses and organisations we work with across the UK.

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If you are considering changing your waste supplier then you have come to the right company, we would love to work with you and can offer a vast range of services from; Sanitary Bins, Clinical Waste to Pest Control, Mat Services or Trade Waste whatever you require we have you covered.

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