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Problem with Malodour in The Gents Urinals? 

We can help - our range of urinal services and products are designed to:

  • Save you up to 80% on your water bill by reducing water from your urinals
  • Keep your pipework and drains free from limescale & blockages
  • Kill bacterial the root cause of malodour
  • Keeps toilets and urinals smelling clean and fresh.
  • Prevent unsightly stains 
  • Prevent slips or falls by soaking up moisture by urinals - turning it into a gel instantly. 
  • Extend the life of all types of flooring in gent’s toilets

From the foulest gent’s toilets to minor odour issues we have solutions to restore your washrooms to clean healthy and bacteria free toilets.

Urinal Eco Caps

The revolutionary eco cap is a water saving product that will

  • Retro-fit ALL existing flushable urinals. 
  • Requires ONLY 2 FLUSHES PER DAY, 
  • Eco Caps substantially reduce the vast amounts of fresh drinking water flushed down the drain

154,395 litres of water per urinal, every year is the water equivalent of one Olympic size swimming pool per year for every 16 urinals where the device is installed (based on an existing urinal flushing 4.5 litres, 4 times per hour)

Urinal Water Management

Urinal water management systems are designed to drastically reduce water consumption by managing flushes from the cistern, it works by;

Only flushing the urinal when it detects a user
It will flush urinals 30 minutes after activation
If no detection within 12 hours a sanitizing flush is provided
Flushing can be pre-programmed

Urinal & WC Dosing Systems

Urinal dosing systems provide continuous measured fluids ensuring urinals and W/C’s remain clean sanitised and odour free.

  • Prevents the formation of scale and organic build up.
  • Eliminates odours.
  • Releases a fresh citrus fragrance 
  • Keeps toilets and urinals clean and sanitary.
  • Product activates in all areas where flush is reached.
  • Helps prevent unsightly stains

Urinal Screens

Urinal Screen offer a cost-effective solution to prevent drain blockages saving cost, they work by:

  • Eliminating malodour caused by uric acid around the urinal trap.
  • Help keep the washroom smelling clean and fresh between cleaning visits.
  • Serviced monthly they work month long to fragrance urinals while eliminating malodour.

Urinal Floor Mats

Urinal floor mats provide gents toilet floors with 24/7 protection, no more malodours, wet, slippery or stained floors, they work by:

  • Soaking up moisture by the urinal and turning it into a gel instantly - trapping it in the mat
  • Preventing troublesome slippery floor surfaces from causing accidents and injuries.
  • Prevent unsightly urinal acid staining on floor surfaces
  • Reduces the growth of bacteria, thereby controlling malodour 
  • Keeps urinal floor areas dry and safe
  • Stops uric on the bottom of shoes being walked into clean areas
  • The special slip-resistant backing means the mat will not move 
  • Enhancing the appearance, cleanliness and freshness to your gent’s toilet

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If you have a problem in your gents toilets with malodour or simply looking for ways to save water and enhance your gents toilets, pick up the phone and talk to us first before you make a commitment, it could save you time and cost. We can help you with advice and support ensuring you have the right services for your organisation.

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