Jan 26, 2018

The flu season, steps we can take.

Auto and Paper Towel Cabinet

We all look forward to Winter with the Christmas Festivities, New Year Celebrations and cozy evening by the fire, however for many Winter means the season of the dreaded Flu. From December through to March we consider ourselves very lucky if we are spared the flu the fear of ending up in A&E at this time of year can be daunting as it’s the most challenging time of the year for the NHS.

We all know how contagious Flu is and how quickly it can spread. In the UK, 34 million days (nearly 25% of the total days) were lost due to minor illnesses such as coughs and colds, clinical tests have proved washing hands is the most effective ways to prevent bacteria from spreading. Our no touch soap dispensers and paper hand towels will help slow down the spread of bacteria.

Clean Hands - How touch free solutions encourage more effective hand hygiene

The latest addition to our soap and paper dispenser range is the Modular Touch Free soap dispenser. The dispenser provides soap to the user by simply placing their hands under the equipment, without the user needing to touch the dispenser. This removes contact with frequently touched points where bacteria can transfer.

Drying hands is just as important as washing hands

Drying hands effectively is also equally important, as germs can transfer more easily from wet hands. Our new Modular Autocut hand towel dispenser is an alternative to the standard paper dispenser. Users can dispense paper towels without touching the dispenser, making handwashing to drying germ-free, ideal for hygiene sensitive environments. This touch free solution also offers additional benefits to businesses with cost-savings and reduced waste as the unit dispenses one sheet of paper at a time.

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