Apr 17, 2018

Study Finds London Council Offering Fewer Disadvantaged Places

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A survey of London councils has found that there has been a reduction in places for disadvantaged two-year olds as an unintended result of the 30 hours policy. Only one borough will continue to offer discretionary places for three and four-year olds.

The study also found that maintained nursery schools are valued by local authorities for their quality; the places they provide for disadvantaged children and those with Special Education Needs and Disabilities; and their systems leadership. 13 out of 18 London boroughs with at least one maintained nursery thought that these settings would be likely to close if their ‘transitional funding’ was not continued after 2019/20.

Out of the 10 boroughs offering discretionary additional childcare for the most disadvantaged 3 and 4-year olds until April 2017. Only 1 borough answered that they will be able to continue to provide this offer. The survey highlighted that most of the children would not be able to benefit from the 30 hours offer.

Read the full findings from the survey here: https://www.londoncouncils.gov.uk/node/33577

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