Apr 10, 2018

Studies Find Poor Washroom Odours Damage Business Reputation

Airsteril Units

A study by Initial Washroom Hygiene has found that businesses risk their success by having malodours in their washrooms. Based on 5,000 respondents between the UK, Australia, France, Italy and Malaysia, this global report has studied the state of air care in public and office washrooms and the range of implications this can have on businesses.

The study found that 73% of Brits say an unpleasant smell in the washroom would negatively affect their perception of the venue and almost two thirds of respondents said that a bad smell would make them less likely to spend money with a company. In addition to the emotional responses to malodours, poor washroom experiences can negatively impact, reputation and repeat custom, with more than six in ten saying they would be put off a business if it had unpleasant washroom odours.

In the UK three quarters felt disgusted when noticing an unpleasant smell, with almost a quarter reporting ‘fearful of being sick’. Malodour is strongly associated with uncleanliness, poor hygiene, and bacteria leading to 51% deciding to leave or not return to an establishment, 25% complaining to staff and 6% leaving a bad review online.

For more information regarding the study can be found here: https://www.initial.co.uk/washroom-news/2018/news_476520.html

Airsteril Units

If you are worried about the impact of malodour on your business, then Principal Hygiene’s Airsteril units are the best solution. Our Airsteril units treat the root cause of malodours, reduce staff turnover and absenteeism, sanitise exposed surfaces and destroy mould and fungi.

To find out more about Airsteril call 01772 817 600 or click here: http://www.principalhygiene.co.uk/infection-control/

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