Apr 9, 2018

Still More Work to do on Packaging

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The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), has responded to the Government’s announcement that it plans to introduce a deposit return scheme for single use drinks containers. The CIWM has said that government action on packaging is important and welcome however there are a lot of details still to be worked through on the scope and implementation of the DRS scheme.

Dr Colin Church the chief executive of CIWM said:

“The Government’s clear intent to act on packaging and develop new measures and interventions to promote reduction and recycling is very welcome. However, any new schemes or taxes must be considered and implemented as part of a wider, coherent set of policies to deliver the ambitions on zero avoidable waste and greater resource productivity that have been expressed in the last few months.”

“In scoping the ‘reach’ of any DRS system, it will be important to ensure there are no unintended consequences, such as the potential for a threshold effect which might see the size of beverage containers adjusted in future to fall outside the DRS criteria, for example. There also continues to be concern about the impact on local authority collections which must be explored more fully. These and a range of other issues have still to be debated and Zero Waste Scotland’s current work looking at the options should also be an important contribution.”

Who are the CIWM?

The CIWM stands for Chartered Institution of Wastes Management and it is the leading professional body for the resource and waste management sector representing approximately 5,500 individuals in the UK, Ireland and overseas. A non-profit organisation, the CIWM is dedicated to the promotion of professional conduct and competence in waste managers and to raising standards for those working in and alongside the waste management sector.

Find out more about the CIWM here: www.ciwm.co.uk

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