Jan 17, 2018

Oh no we have run out of Toilet Paper again!

Rack of toilet rolls

Running out of toilet paper is more common than you think for many companies, the panic of no paper is swiftly followed by a crisis phone call to a supplier with a request to deliver toilet rolls yesterday.

You can be forgiven for forgetting to order stationary but whatever you do, don’t forget the toilet paper.

No one wants to walk into a toilet cubicle and see this!

Run out of toilet roll.

The Solution:
The best way to ensure you never run out of toilet paper again is to set up a recurring paper delivery.

Word of caution: to avoid papering the walls with the paper mountain you have now created due to overordering you first need to ensure your paper requirement is calculated correctly and hopefully saves you money in the process.

At Principal Hygiene, we offer a free cost analysis on your paper usage including paper towels, by working out your annual usage based on several factors we can set up a lean recurring paper delivery (not too lean!).

If you want to avoid the headache of 'Oh no we have run out of Toilet Paper again!'
Call Principal hygiene Ltd for more information on 01772 817 600

We can offer paper consumable solutions to meet any sized business requirement including installing free new dispensers. For high usage, hotels, cinemas, holiday complexes etc we can offer pallets of toilet paper often saving our customer 30% plus on annual spend.

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