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Why YourCloud Training?

YourCloud training offers businesses/organisations a myriad of benefits, it's cost efficient, employees can develop and gain focused learning in a stress-free environment from any location at any time 24/7. Regardless of your industry, budget, size, or employee count, YourCloud training delivers a great ROI.

We all learn and absorb information/knowledge in different ways, the range of training modules we offer are designed with different learning styles in mind, they are subject focused, no more than 2-3 hours in duration with engaging content combining presenters, video, animations and quiz style questions to keep the user engaged. Employees can take several re-tests safe in the knowledge that they are not being judged. This type of focused modular based training allows all employees to gain knowledge at their own speed which means they are then able to transfer this new knowledge back to their respective workplace. Modules can be revisited over the period of a year allowing an employee to refresh their knowledge any time they choose.

What We Can Offer:

Quick, easy affordable, scalable and empowering training for your employees with limited or no workplace downtime. you can select individual training from our approved and accredited courses and get training within minutes.

For larger companies/organisations we can work with you to tailor a range of courses from our training suite based on your employees work place needs. We offer training that’s flexible and affordable from as little as £25 per module, supported by trained assessors…….We work with you making it easy for your employees to gain knowledge that’s transferrable, flexible, stress free, most importantly cloud based training is driven by the employee they are in control of their learning. 

Are you looking for or considering cloud based training for your business or organisation? Call us on 01772 817 600 and speak to one of our assessors or click on the link for a free trial today.

All our cloud based training is Accredited & Approved


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Benefits of Cloud Based Training

Affordable - ROI, Cloud based training can be up to 93% cheaper than classroom training. You only pay for the training modules selected. With no wasted spend on unfocused course content employees within your business/organiaation do not require, plus you don’t have to pay any setup fees.

Transferrable - Our courses are modular based and focused on the subject selected, making knowledge gained 100% transferrable to the work place. Modular based training means you can select from our range of cloud based training to meet individual needs. Training into individual needs means training is effective and thus transferrable.

24/7 Accessibility – Individuals can learn at their own pace and maintain control of their learning “where, when and how” with unlimited access over a year, its self-directed, convenient and empowering. It’s also approved and accredited with certification following each successful module completed.

Immediate results - Delivery over the cloud enables training to begin within minutes.

Easy to Use - You don’t need to install any software, we send your employees a login and all they have to do is open an Internet browser and they are up and running quickly.

Training on-the-move – Employees can choose when to learn while i.e. waiting to hop on the train to work in the morning, during lunch breaks, in the evening or weekends even the middle of the night. All they need to do is login via a device of their choosing and pick up where they left off. More and more employees are starting to take advantage of the convenience of training on the move the freedom to choose to learn whenever, wherever, even when they are away from the workplace is truly empowering.

Relevant - Since courses are modular based the content is both focused and engaging with the most up to date content.

Improves employee retention - Employees who have access to cloud based learning are more likely to remain with the company. It’s an accepted fact, providing employees with the focused training they need to do their job effectively, means they are more satisfied and confident while at work. A cloud based eLearning platform gives your employees access to round-the-clock online training, allowing them to develop their skills when it’s most convenient for them.

Increases employee productivity - In addition to happier employees, our cloud based eLearning training ensures more productive employees. They will now have the resources they need to develop their knowledge, while at the same time feel empowered to learn in a more centred way. No stressful classroom training or testing.

Distributed workforce - If you have a national/regional based workforce, our cloud eLearning training gives employees the ability to access the selected cloud based training around their individual work schedules wherever they are.

Scalable - When your company/organisation expands, our cloud based eLearning training modules can expand right along with it. There’s no need to purchase additional online services, because our cloud training can scale to meet the growing demands of your organisation.

Dependable - One of the primary reservations that many managers have about switching to the cloud is that it isn’t dependable. However, local servers are often less reliable than the cloud, plus it is far easier to lose information due to theft, hardware failure, or even a natural disaster. With our cloud based training employees can log in from any browser in the world with their unique username & password.

If you looking for or considering cloud based training for your business or organisation, please speak to us today on 01772 817 600 or click on the link for a free trial today.

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