Jan 23, 2018

NHS 70th Anniversary

NHS logo

Congratulations to the National Health Service on its 70th year in service. To celebrate this great milestone the NHS have launched a new website to commemorate and celebrate the history of the NHS, including, its employees the medical advancements and achievements to the innovations in patient care.

On the run up to its 70th anniversary on the 5th July 2018, their will be plenty of events, stories and history, to fund out how you can get involved or to simply read some of the interesting history of the NHS from its humble beginnings go to https://www.england.nhs.uk/nhs70/

Principal Hygiene will be celebrating with the NHS having supplied different sectors of the NHS over the years with goods and services like Infection Control Decontamination Units to Fire Retardant Sackholders. In these troubled times when some elements are all too quick to knock the NHS I for one believe it is a national treasure and should be celebrated by all.

Infection Control Decontamination Units – The MP100 Airsteril units are the most powerful units in the MP/MF range. Designed for short term shock treatment or decontamination in spaces up to 100m2. It is also portable, allowing temporary installation for tackling occasional contamination and infection control problems. To find out more about our airsteril units click here.

Fire Retardant Sackholders – Our sackholders are NHS approved hands free foot pedal operated and fitted with either fixed or removable bodies for ease of cleaning. …….to find out more about our sack holders click here.

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