May 24, 2016

Food Waste Collections “Cost Effective”

It was with great interest I read the article by Darrel Moore on CIWM Journal Online with reference to Food Waste Collections being more “Cost Effective”. As a waste services company we have been almost evangelical about the need to segregate food waste from general waste especially when in 2014 it became mandatory in Scotland, we had an expectation it would also be written into legislation in England by 2015….still waiting…….. It’s been an uphill challenge to get many of our customers on board that said we have and are making headway proving the benefits of separating food waste from general in terms of cost savings and reduced collection frequencies, alas for the staff its yet another task they need to do…..the downside! how do you act staff into thinking differently when all they see is another task?

We fundamentally believe legislation is required across the whole of the UK to encourage businesses to see the benefits if we are to meet our recycling targets, so it was encouraging to read in this report “mandatory requirement on food businesses to separate food waste will enable them to make savings, which are less likely to be achieved without legislation.

It’s always a great boost to have some empirical data and or a professional body like the Renewable Energy Association (REA) confirming what Principal Hygiene Ltd and many other private waste companies have been saying and doing since 2014. Like Dr Nina Skorupska I agree food waste separation has the potential to hit several targets so what are we waiting for?

Dr. Nina Skorupska CBE, Chief Executive of the REA said: “Separate food waste collections is a cost-effective policy that can help us hit our recycling target, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions, and improve our energy security in one fell swoop."

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