Dec 17, 2018

Zero to Landfill

Has Zero to Landfill Created an Unforeseen Problem?

 Zero to Landfill

With landfills closing and Zero to Landfill driving the Clinical Waste industry to incinerate all clinical waste streams the question needs to be asked. Is Zero to Landfill putting UK incinerators under pressure?

This capacity issue is evident when you consider how Healthcare Environmental Services has been brought to its knees, this companies waste problems are greater than Zero to Landfill, however it has played a role, the question is how much of a role.

The UK Clinical Waste Industry could soon reach a critical point if a sustainable solution cannot be sourced to ensure we have sufficient capacity now and into the future.

It would appear Zero to Landfill has and is effectively taken landfill of the table so what now? additional Incinerators and or Alternative Treatments Plants! whatever the solution we have reached a time of action when the Government can no longer sit on its hands – a call to action is now required.

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