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Water management is making sure that your business wastes as little water as possible. Mainly water management is concentrated in the washroom especially around toilets and urinals.

What is water management?
Water management is making sure that your business wastes as little water as possible. Mainly water management is concentrated in the washroom especially around toilets and urinals. The main advantage to water management is your company can save a lot of money per year. There are also environmental benefits for example you can save drinking water, power and lessen the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.Of course the amount you save depends on the quality of the water management product you buy. Here are just a few of the products on the market:

The eco cap is designed to fit into all existing flushable urinals. The cap is said to save 154, 395 litres of water per urinal, every year. In case you were wondering that amounts to one Olympic sized swimming pool per year for every 16 urinals the eco cap is installed in. The eco cap contains unique bacteria that are harmless and naturally occurring. They remove fat, uric scale and any solids that build up in the urinal traps and the pipework, in doing so odour and blockages are heavily reduced. This is useful as over 30% of washroom complaints involve urinals. Additionally the eco cap will stop debris such as chewing gum and tissue paper from blocking drains this aids in reducing maintenance costs.

Sensaflush is a flush management system designed to be used with urinals to drastically reduce the amount of water you waste. In fact the amount of water consumption reduced is up to 90% through the eradication of unnecessary and expensive water waste. The Sensaflush system is incredibly versatile and highly programmable and can differentiate between the active and idle periods in the washroom. This allows the Sensaflush to detect when a flush is needed due to the motion sensor. The Sensaflush will also provide a sanitising flush if no motion is detected within a 12 hour period. Additionally the Sensaflush’s motion sensor has a 15 metre range allowing to be placed anywhere in the washroom.

Ecobug sell a wide variety of water saving products however the one I’m going to talk about the Ecobug Solenoid Valve Reduced Urinal Flush Control. This 240v mains operated 15mm urinal flush control. The Solenoid Valve utilises a fit and forget solution for exposed cisterns for example those above urinal bowls. The Solenoid Valve is Ecobugs most popular form of water management. The Solenoid Valve is battery or mains operated with a simple set up and install.

One of Watersavers most popular water management systems is the Autosave B01 Urinal Flushing Control. The Autosave B01 Urinal Flushing system is designed to save water in urinals by flushing only after they have been used. Using an Infrared PIR or passive infrared sensor detects people in a meter area around the toilet and then initiates a flush cycle a pre-set time afterwards. The amount of time between the detection and the flush can be programmed anywhere from 5 to 35 minutes. The Autoave B01 also has a hygiene flush that can be programmed to flush every 12 or 24 hours.

These are just a few select products from companies that produce a lot more than just these. There’s a veritable ton of water saving products on the market some good, some bad and some a bit of both. If you’re confused as to which product you think you need then give Principal Hygiene a call on 01772 817600. We have the knowledge and the stock to get you the water management system you need, when you need it.

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