Jan 25, 2018

Nationwide Building Society bring former Carillion employees in house

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The Nationwide Building Society is one of the first private sector organisations to take former Carillion employees in-house to protect them from the worst of the Carillion bankruptcy.

And so it begins…..

This is a very commendable decision by Nationwide to protect Carillion employees and contractors. I anticipate many of the other larger organisations affected by the collapse of Carillion will follow the Nationwide’s lead. Here’s hoping this move to take services back in house only applies to Carillion.

A statement from the Nationwide Building Society reads: “Our contractors perform a vital and valued role for the Society. During an unsettling time for Carillion employees we felt it was important to provide them with some reassurances.
“We have a proposal to bring all services provided directly by Carillion in house, with Carillion employees becoming Nationwide employees from 22 January. This will provide clarity for those affected and ensure that services are maintained.

“As part of the wider supply chain arrangements we will also now look to deal directly with third-party suppliers that currently support the Carillion contract.”
Around 250 Carillion employees currently work at Nationwide and will now be employed directly. A further 1,500 staff are engaged by separate third-party suppliers who work on Nationwide contracts with Carillion.

These third-party suppliers will now have their contracts directly with Nationwide rather than via Carillion.


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