Mediflow® Hand Dryers

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Mediflow® Hand Dryers

The Mediflow range of hand dryers is defined by the power and toughness of its dryers. These dryers are automatically operated, compact solutions which are well suited to all range of washrooms. The Mediflow solutions have proven to be long lasting as well as incredibly reliable. The Mediflow range are versatile hand dryers with anti-vandalism features this makes them perfect for high traffic washrooms.

Mediflow Logic Dry Line

The Mediflow Logic Dry line incorporates technology that automatically regulates the temperature of the outlet air to 4 possible settings depending on the temperature of the room. This technology is installed in the heating element of the dryer and increases the life cycle of the dryer whilst simultaneously increasing the effectiveness of the hand drying process. Additionally the Logic Dry line of dryer has the energy efficiency of the rest of the Mediclinics line.

Other dryers in the Mediflow line include:

  • Mediflow Basic Line
  • Mediflow senor operated hand dryers
  • Mediflow recessed kit

Features of Mediflow hand dryers:

  • Made according to the highest quality and safety standards
  • Flush mounting kit
  • Galvanized metal cabinet for installing the hand dryer
  • Energy efficient
  • Rugged perfect for high use washrooms 

The Mediflow range 

Other Hand Dryers in the Mediclinics Range Include:

Mediclinics is a brand leader for hand dryers in the UK it has gained a reputation for delivering quality, reliability, style, value added benefits, a range for every budget and delivers on price.

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