Mar 12, 2018

March Only Offer – Great Prices on White Rubbermaid Soap Dispensers and Soap Refills

Rubbermaid 1100ml touch free automatic foam soap dispensers are on offer at only £25 each!

This touch free automatic foam soap dispenser reduces the spread of germs and cross contamination, whilst encouraging healthy hand washing. Sensor operated, this no touch dispenser is perfect for Clinical/Medical use including public spaces such as offices, cafes, restaurants and more.

• Touch free.
• Colour White
• Hygienically sealed refill.
• Programming option for tone on/off.
• Rubbermaid Model Number 1851397-001

Rubbermaid 110ml touch free automatic foam soap dispenser

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Rubbermaid Auto Foam Soap Refill Pouches (Pack of 4) for just £27.00!

Refills for the Rubbermaid 1851397-001 auto foam soap 1100m dispenser, this foam soap provides customers with a luxurious lather and leaves hands refreshed and nourished.

• Lotion Foam Soap.
• Leaves hands refreshed and nourished.
• 1 x 4 1100ml Pouches.

Rubebrmaid auto foam soap

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Rubbermaid RVU11528 Auto Antibacterial Foam Soap Refill Pouches (Pack of 4) for just £38.85!

Rubbermaid refills for use with Rubbermaid Spray and Foam Dispensers. This rich, foamy quality antibacterial soap by Rubbermaid is formulated to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, making it ideal for use in Food Preparation & Clinical such as hospital or care homes etc., helping staff and customers maintain a high level of hygiene. This germ-killing hand wash goes perfectly with the Rubbermaid auto foam soap dispenser (1851397-001),

Product features
• Refill Pouch Soap Capacity 1100ml
• Sealed bag prevents leaking
• Kills 99.9% of bacteria
• Compatible with dispenser (1851397-001)
• Order Number RVU11528

Auto antibacterial foam soap


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