Feb 6, 2018

Lawyers Open £12 Billion of Government Work to SMEs


Even before the collapse of construction giant Carillion, thanks to the aid of government lawyers, thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) were made able to bid for up to £12 billion of government contracts more easily. 

Government Legal Department (GLD) lawyer Chris Stanley spent the past year condensing the roughly 50,000 words of the already existing Crown Commercial Service (CSS) contract terms into a new, streamlined Public Sector Contract. The revised document aims to be a more user-friendly route to government work and a quicker, more efficient way or working.

This streamlined method will cut down having to trawl through dense contracts and will enable both SMEs and the government to save money and resources.

In our opinion anything that makes it easier for SME’s to get the opportunity to quote for more Government work must be good, that said unfortunately SME’s don’t always have the economies of scale as the Carillion’s so not quite a level playing field!

Read more here: http://beta.twinfm.com/article/lawyers-open-12-billion-of-government-work-to-smes

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