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Tired of the expense of getting your grease traps and drains unblocked? There’s now no reason to allow grease deposits to build up in your drainage systems, resulting in bad odours and blockages which create significant additional operational costs and inefficiencies, not to mention the inconvenience.

Today it’s no longer acceptable to allow grease to build up in the drainage system, causing odours and blockages which can prove costly, unhygienic and inconvenient to your business. Pouring harsh caustic chemicals down the drain to clear fats, oil and grease is also no longer an acceptable solution due to environmental impact.

The solution is a drain dosing systems dispensing a chemical maintainer into your drain at the end of a working day breaking down and dispersing all oil and grease build up. Our range of battery and mains powered drain dosers provide an easy and inexpensive solution to ensure free flowing drains they are both environmentally friendly and compliant with food hygiene regulations and programmed dosing gives you peace of mind knowing that your drains will be kept free flowing when combined with an appropriate product.

We offer a range of Drain Dosing Units to meet the most challenging of environments;
• Battery operated Drain Dosing Unit
• 2 program Mains Powered Drain Dosing Unit
• 9 program Mains Powered Drain Dosing Unit
• Front Pump Mounted Drain Dosing Unit

Our Drain Dosing Options include:

• Flexible rental options
• Direct purchase only
• Rental and maintenance plans
• Installation of drain dosing unit, including programming and chemical set up
• Annual maintenance checks and cleaning.

From a battery, operated drain dosing system to pump mounted units, Principal Hygiene can provide everything you may need for drain free blockages. We ensure you are getting the best out of your dosing system.

When it comes to drain dosing systems, no one does it better, with our support and advice you can take back control of your costs, time and hygiene.

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