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Clinical Waste Compliance Service
As a waste producer understanding what is required to ensure you the producer of clinical waste remain compliant with current and changing legislation can be time consuming, costly and confusing, our new Pre-Acceptance and Compliance Services have been designed to ensure we take the strain ensuring you remain compliant and up to date with all legal waste requirements. Simply click the text for more information or call us on 0843 309 2180 to discuss further.

Infection Control Services – Promoting CLEAN AIR
Infection control involves a myriad of services to be in place to ensure best practice and containment the most discussed and emotive has to be hand hygiene, with clean hands being a sure fire way of reducing infections across all environments.
Throughout 2016 we will be championing our "STOP BACTERIA" campaign promoting "Clean Air" "Clean Hands" "Healthy Environment" if we can help just a small percentage of our customers slow down or kill sources of bacteria we stop malodour forming, kill airborne infections and improve the air we breathe making us all feel healthier. Call us for more information on 0843 309 2180

Legionella Risk Assessments
It is a legal requirement for all premises to ensure they have a Legionella Risk Assessments in place its purpose is to reduce the risks of Legionnaires' disease, a potentially fatal form of Pneumonia caused by breathing in contaminated droplets of water.
Legionella bacteria is carried through water, and if present in your workplace it can be fatal so don't wait any longer allowing Legionella to get a foothold, Call us on 0843 309 2180 and start ensure your staff, patients, customers are safe in your premises.


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