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We supply a wide range of safety and rubber mats perfect for workshops, garages, warehousing and areas where loose flooring, cables, oil and or grease are present. With health & safety being paramount in businesses and organisations, especially in the public arena, business owners must do all they can to ensure the wellbeing of both their staff and visitors to their premises by providing suitable floor protection.

When it comes to safety mats we have you covered.

Clean Comfort Standard; is a Safety Anti-fatigue mat designed for industrial areas with bright yellow borders to draw the eyes attention and increase awareness of danger in the workplace, while at the same time offering support and relief from tired muscles and joints, its cushioned for long standing comfort and has low profile edges.

Cable Mat; Loose cables could be a safety hazard, especially in offices and production places. The Cable Mat was developed as a means to prevent such a hazard. It is easily put over loose cables as the specially developed recess on the bottom of the mat keeps all the wires and cables in place. Additionally, the high visibility borders highlight the hazard and provide a visual warning.

Cable Mat – Rubber Top; Designed to reduce potential tripping hazard caused by loose cables. The Cable-Mat Rubber Top is a durable rubber mat with an integrated cable run that conceals loose cables. Combined with bright border graphics to draw the eyes attention and highlight the risk.

The Cable-Mat Rubber Top can be used both indoors and outdoors making it perfect for public stalls, PA systems, and outdoor events or shows.

Cable Mat – Rubber Top Logo Add your own company logo, brand or message to this customisable workplace safety solution. A durable rubber mat with an integrated cable run that conceals loose cables. Combined with bright border graphics to draw the eyes attention and highlight the risk.
Can be used indoors and outdoors.

Warrior Heavy Duty Rubber Mat – A Modular all-purpose safety rubber ring mat made from recycled rubber, this matting is used for a wide range of applications including: Entrance, workplace, playgrounds, ice rinks, ski slopes, golf courses, pathways, workshops and behind bars for excellent anti-slip properties.

Made from100% recycled rubber with a safe shock absorbing surface allowing natural growth of grass when used outdoors. This mat is suitable for all weather conditions and is quick and easy to install.

Dynamo Mats for Workstations, entrances, kitchens, ...anywhere! An attractive, high quality rubber matting. These anti-fatigue safety mats use bevelled ramp safety edges all round for extra work place safety. They are 100% nitrile rubber, grease oil resistant, very hard wearing and slip resistant with excellent drainage ability.

Serviced Mats

• Entrance Mats
• Logo Mats
• Image Mats
• Custom Design Mats
• Dust Control Mats
• Cero Scraper Mats
• Heavy Duty Scraper Mats

Purchased Mats

• Anti-Fatigue Mats
• Industrial Rubber Mats
• Safety Mats
• Work Station Mats
• Clean Room Mats
• Urinal Mats
• Water Cooler Mats

Sizes for our Safety mats vary depending on the mat you select, please call us and we will work with you to find the best mat suitable for your environment.

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