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As the UK Distributor for Mediclinics Hand Dryers we can offer our customers some of the best and robust hand dryers on the market, we stock the full range of Mediclinics hand dryers. If you are looking for a robust reliable, environmentally friendly Hand Dryer with or without a heating element and with a proven economical footprint it has to be the Mediclinics range which includes the latest hand dryer range also in black.

When you decide to purchase or rent your Mediclinics Hand Dryer from Principal Hygiene we can offer you;

• Price Match promise
• We can arrange installation
• Free delivery
• Our no quibble policy means we will replace your Hand Dryer should a fault occur.

Still not sure? Speak to one of our experts and request a free NO commitment demonstration. We are always pleased to provide a free demonstration and to talk about our favourite subject Mediclinics Hand Dryers, we know they are excellent value, robust, reliable and stylish.

MEDICLINICS offers three ranges of Hand Dryers:

Eco-fast; for washrooms with high to medium traffic.
High Speed; minimum energy consumption; eco-fast, high power and reliability for washrooms with high traffic.
Economical and Functional; represents excellent value for money, for washrooms with medium to low traffic.

The above three ranges of Hand Dryers are also available in nine categories of finishes and feature options making it easier for you to match the perfect dryer to your washroom requirement. Choosing the right Mediclinics or any Hand Dryer can be a daunting prospect.

We understand the choices you can be faced with when selecting the right Hand Dryer for your washroom such considerations often include;

Energy efficiency – Do I know the wattage used per hand dry?
Operating Costs – How much will this Hand Dryer cost to run?
Drying time – how quickly will it dry hands in a busy washroom?
Noise Level – Will this Hand Dryer be too noisy for my washroom?
Price – Can the Hand Dryer I choose provide me with all my requirements and still fit my budget?
Reliability/Resilience – how durable is the Hand Dryer I choose? Will it stand up to high traffic use?
Style & Colour – Is the colour and style an important feature? It’s worth keeping in mind that white is often the least expensive.

In the majority of cases your business type will often dictate how busy you expect your washroom to be and the finish that works well with your brand.

You should find the answers to the most common Hand Dryer questions above by reading the Hand Dryer specification for your chosen Mediclinics Hand Dryer. See below for examples.

Machflow specification sheet.

Dualflow specification sheet.

The question we are asked most is; what is the operating costs of a hand dryer? This is not a simple answer as it involves a number of factors for example the cost you are paying per wattage of electricity, average watts of a standard Hand Dryer etc. you also need to factor in your current cost of hand drying, for the example below we have used paper towels. The example below demonstrates how costs will vary.

Hand Dryer Operating Cost Example

Operating cost is based on 1000 dries per Hand Dryer with and without a heating element plus paper towels. These are an example only to demonstrate cost benefits.

• Hand Dryer without a heating element (based in 11p per watt) £0.39
• Hand Dryer with heating element (based on 25 watts) £3.25
• Case of Paper Towels (based on 2 towels per hand dry) £13.75

As you will see from the above illustration the hand dryers without a heating element will always offer the best value in terms of running costs.

Other Hand Dryers in the Mediclinics Range Include:

Mediclinics is the UK brand leader for hand dryers it has gained a reputation for delivering quality, reliability, style and value added benefits. The Mediclinics range of Hand Dryers has been designed to match every budget while still delivering on price.

For more information on our range of hand dryers please call us, we will be pleased to help you choose the best hand dryer for your environment, alternatively to view our full range of Hand Dryers visit us at our supplies site



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