Feb 13, 2018

Gull Proofing

A gull

When urban gulls congregate in urban locations they can cause a variety of problems for businesses. The most common disturbances urban gulls cause are:

• Noise – Gulls tend to be noisy, especially during nesting season from March to September.
• Rooftop nesting – Debris from gull nests can clog downpipes and gutters as well as attract parasites and other unwanted insects.
• Harassment – Gulls are bold and will attack people who they feel threaten their nests, in addition they are known to steal food when given the opportunity.
• Fouling – Gull excrement, otherwise known as guano is unsightly and a potential health risk when near ventilation systems and rooftop machinery.
• Property damage - Seagull guano has acidic properties in it that will cause damage to vehicles or buildings.
• Increased costs – The presence of gulls will increase the cost of building maintenance and cleaning.

Principal Hygiene’s bird control and proofing services have a solution to all the problems gulls can cause from falconry response to netting or spiking. We will analyse the problem and recommend a solution using a combination of methods best suited to removing the problem. To learn more about our bird proofing and control services click here: http://www.principalhygiene.co.uk/bird-control-deterrent-prevention-services/

To discuss gull control with us call us on 01772 817 600 or email us at enquiries@principalhygiene.co.uk

Feb 13, 2018
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