Jan 16, 2018

Drain Dosing Made Simple


Are your drains a problem?

Drain Dosing Made Simple!

It is no longer acceptable to allow grease deposits to build up in drainage systems, causing odours and blockages which can prove costly and inconvenient. Pouring harsh caustic chemicals down the drain to clear fats, oils and grease is also not a suitable option.

Our SEKO range of battery and mains powered automatic drain dosers provide an easy and inexpensive solution to the problem, which is both environmentally friendly and compliant with food hygiene regulations.

Take control and stop blocked drains, unnecessary costs, downtime in your business, bad odours and potential hazards ………………………install a simple Drain Dosing System today.

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• The DD1 comes with pre-programmed delivery rates making the unit quick and easy to set up.
• Pre-fitted with a specially designed long-life battery pack ensuring the minimum of installation time and only annual maintenance.
• Being battery powered it is safe for all kitchen and drainage applications and requires only the minimum of expertise to install.


• The DN3 mains unit is available in 2 and 9 program options.
• The DN3 2 program unit can be set to dose twice each day at a time of your choice.
• The DN3 9 program unit provides maximum flexibility in setting individual times per day, the same set times Mon – Fri, the same set times Mon – Sun, or different times for week days and weekends.


• External controls for easy installation
• Programmable to dose up to 9 times per day
The DN5 can be supplied with a low-level alarm input to indicate when chemicals need replacing.

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