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Do your legs and feet ache from standing for long periods of time at work? Yes! Then look no further than Principal Hygiene, our range of anti-fatigue mats offer protection for your floors and comfort for your feet, legs and back.

The clean comfort range of mats have been designed for people who stand for long periods; from kitchens, food processing, assembly lines, warehouses and workshops to offices we have an Anti-fatigue mat to suit most environments.

Office Anti-Fatigue Mats

Clean-Comfort Office; The ideal cushioned anti-fatigue mat for office and workplace environments, perfect for long standing comfort at workstations and counters. offers support and relief from tired muscles and joints, its cushioned for long standing comfort and has low profile edges.

Clean-Comfort Soft; Reduce fatigue in the workplace with this foam rubber mat, stylish soft nylon surface provides extra comfort under foot. long standing comfort at workstations and counters. offers support and relief from tired muscles and joints, its cushioned for long standing comfort and has low profile edges.

Clean-Comfort Design Logo; An anti-fatigue mat with a custom logo or message printed surface provides relief for muscles and joints where people stand for an extended time.

Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

Clean Comfort Standard; is a Safety Anti-fatigue mat designed for industrial areas with bright yellow borders to draw the eyes attention and increase awareness of danger in the workplace, while at the same time offering support and relief from tired muscles and joints, its cushioned for long standing comfort and has low profile edges.

Clean-Cushion; Combine durability with foam rubber construction for the ultimate anti-fatigue workplace mat with limitless application possibilities. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, wet area, chemical production, kitchen and canteen, workshop, factory or anywhere else where workers stand.
Clean Cushion has a castellated pattern for better grip with slip-resistant rubber backing.

Cushion-Coil; For longer periods of standing upright can cause leg ache and back ache. The Cushion-Coil with its special "cushioned" profile aids in the fight against leg, foot and back fatigue. What is more, this mat provides a secure, nonslip standing position and protects users against unhealthy cold from the floor. It has 'Active comfort zones' to massage feet when standing still, its 100% nitrile rubber with slip-resistant backing and can be vacuumed, steam cleaned, jet washed or simply hosed.

Comfort® The Comfort® anti-fatigue mat is: Impervious to chemicals and oil based products. This mat is Industrially washable in a laundry or hosed down on site. The Comfort® is a smart trade-off between support and thickness is perfect for reducing leg fatigue and noise levels and also has Anti-static properties.

Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mats

Clean-Thru Plus; All-rubber matting designed for professional kitchens & bars This is the first rubber washable mat featuring both Anti-fatigue and anti-microbial properties. Inorganic antimicrobial characteristics are built-in to inhibit the growth of bacteria, such as E-coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. Clean-Thru Plus features a resilient nitrile rubber construction that eases the fatigue of long-standing jobs in the kitchen or behind the bar, and also helps prevent impact breakage. A textured surface offers secure footing and the specially placed holes contribute to drainage and cleanliness. Oils and grease will not break down the all-nitrile rubber construction

UltraFlow™; This mat is great for use as an anti-fatigue kitchen mat, developed to provide excellent performance in kitchens, bars, freezers and food processing areas. Produced using a patented nitrile rubber construction with anti-bacterial properties. The UltraFlow™ is oil and solvent resistant, provides comfort for your feet, legs, back, it has a durable surface texture that helps to prevent slipping and has Air circulation with a studded pattern on the bottom that permits drainage.

Sizes for our Anti-fatigue mats vary depending on the mat you select, please call us and we will work with you to find the best mat suitable for your environment.

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